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Our success is measured by our clients success, and our mission is to be your source for the most appropriate and advantageous financing solution.

We can offer a holistic and flexible approach to finance and financial commitments. We understand the market and have an established network of contacts with a very wide range of financial institutions, and we are not boasting when we say that between us we have more than 30 years experience!

*Asset finance
*Commercial investment properties
*Development finance
*Property finance
*Retail mortgages
*International Funds Transfer Regulations
And there's moreā€¦


Our team members have been working with almost all the Banks within the European Central Bank Authority, where they have provided documentation for transactions between countries, judicial clearance and legal documents covering International Funds Transfer. Over the past 7years, they helped recover so many funds that were deposited without proper documentation within banks in Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Canada and United States etc, cleared the funds, secured the right documentation inline and terms of agreement with the Financial Supervisory Regulations/Agencies. If you have financial problems offshore or overseas, which relates to how to move your funds, process the right banking documents and to receive your funds in agreement with your banking regulations and country financial laws, then you are at the right place. Just say the bank, and the work will be done.


Member of the Board Remuneration Committee, the Board Corporate Governance & Nominations Committee and the Board Conduct, Reputation and Operational Risk Committee since 1 September 2012; Chairman of the Board Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee and Board Conduct, Reputation and Operational Risk Committee since 1 November 2012; Chairman of the Board Enterprise Wide Risk Committee since its formation in January 2013.


Parcel Delivery To Post Office consignments are automatically stored at the depositing office chosen by you or the sender. If you do not want to pick up your Parcel Delivery at our office, we can deliver it to your address at a surcharge specified in the current price-list. You can request home delivery after the receipt of an SMS or email message notifying you that your consignment is ready for pickup (or in some cases after the receipt of a physical notice of arrival of the parcel to the office). The parcel will be delivered to your address, however no earlier than the next working day or two days.


At Dartpoint consultancy we help our clients to identify and implement wining strategies, offering support with the upper-level decision-making strategies in a business. At Dartpoint consultancy we assist our clients in the following areas:

*Marketing consulting
*Operations consulting
*Financial consulting
*HR consulting
*Compliance consulting
*Technology / IT consulting
And Legal consultant


*Chevron Corporation
*Qatar Government
*UAE Government
*Sweden Government
*Government of South Africa
*Government of Chile
*Government of Finland

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